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The New York Foundation for Fair Contracting (NYFFC) is a not-for-profit organization established to support, promote and encourage fair contracting by "leveling the playing field" in public works construction for the benefit of taxpayers, contractors and workers.


Not all construction contractors play by the rules. Unfortunately, a number of them skimp on safety, cheat workers out of wages and use shoddy materials. When this happens, the construction industry, the taxpayers and the local economy pay the price. The NYFFC works to ensure that only responsible contractors - contractors that pay the proper wages, perform quality workmanship and complete projects on-time -- are awarded the opportunity to perform work on public works contracts.





If you believe a construction contractor isn't paying the correct wages or overtime, has unsafe work site conditions or isn't performing the job right, we want to know.

Any contact will remain strictly confidential

What We Do

  • Monitoring

    The NYFFC tracks and monitors construction projects to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws, safety laws, misclassification statutes, debarment orders, competitive bidding laws and other relevant laws. When a contractor is not in compliance with a law or regulation, the NYFFC brings the matter before the attention of the relevant agency or public body.

  • Complaints

    Based on information collected by NYFFC, as well as referrals from contractors, affected workers or other sources, the NYFFC files complaints with the appropriate regulatory agencies such as State & Federal Departments of Labor and OSHA. Detailed information from the NYFFC aids these agencies in investigating potential violators.

  • Responsible Bidding

    Under New York State's competitive bidding laws, public bodies are required to award construction contracts to the "lowest responsible bidder." But often times, public bodies don't have the resources or time to gather necessary information to determine whether, in fact, a contractor is "responsible."  Read More

  • Advocacy for Infrastructure

    America’s infrastructure is deteriorating after years of underfunding and neglect. More State and Federal dollars are needed to strengthen our country’s roads, bridges and renewable energy sectors. In addition, construction work creates  quality jobs which stimulate the economy and provide an adequate standard of living for New York families.  The NYFFC engages in advocacy to secure more public dollars for infrastructure projects in the New York state.

The New York Foundation for Fair Contracting
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  • Open Book, New York

    Want to know what contractors are obtaining State work in your area? The New York State Comptroller can help. Open Book New York is a website hosted by the Comptroller which provides information on active construction contracts.

  • WNYFFC goes statewide!

    Hot off the presses: the WNYFFC is becoming a statewide organization! In March 2014 we changed our name from the "Western New York Foundation for Fair Contracting" to the "New York State Foundation for Fair Contracting" to reflect our expansion across New York State. Although still based in Western New York,  our new statewide approach will enable us to monitor more public works projects, educate more awarding agencies and act as a resource for more individuals with questions about their ri...

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