Both federal and state prevailing wage laws require contractors and subcontractors to pay employees on qualifying public works construction projects the correct prevailing wage rate or higher for all work performed. These rates specify hourly wages and benefit rates for employees based on county and job classification. Prevailing wage laws establish uniform pay rates for public works employees, which allows for contractors to better anticipate their costs and submit an accurate bid. By setting a standard wage, contractors must compete based on project management, skill, safety, and efficiency rather than by cutting into worker salaries and benefits.


Prevailing wage rates vary by trade, job classification, and by county.  You can request an official wage rate determination from the federal Department of Labor and the New York State Department of Labor.  The NYFFC can provide wage information based on past reports from the DOL.  Please contact us for more information.

Check out sample information below:

Operating Engineer (Heavy & Highway) – Broome, Chenango, Albany –

  • Class C – $38.70/hr wage; $20.60/hr supplement
  • Class B – $41.27/hr wage; $20.60/hr supplement
  • Class A – $43.79/hr wage; $20.60/hr supplement


The NYFFC assists workers review their wage rates to ensure that they are paid the appropriate amount. Wage schedules are issued on a county-by-county basis and contain pay rates for each classification level. Under state law, all contracts between a contractor and a government entity must include these schedules.


Prevailing wages promote a strong construction industry, bolster the middle class, and emphasize skilled work. To request an original wage schedule for the current year, please complete the online application located here.
If you believe a contractor is underpaying its workers, or classifying its workers incorrectly, please contact us at NYFFC. We are happy to discuss possible violations of state and federal labor laws. We keep all communication confidential.